Let’s be honest. December is a tough month for weight goals. Not only are we trying to get back to our normal weight after a Thanksgiving feast and days of tasty leftovers and pies, but December is full of temptations as well.

There are work Christmas parties, church Christmas parties, ugly sweater parties, and New Year’s Eve parties. Plus, people are filled with love and charity this cheerful time of year, which sometimes results in getting sugar cookies, candied nuts, or gingerbread treats from neighbors. All of this makes it hard to maintain or lose weight. Therefore, I’ve come up with five tips for staying slim this holiday season.

eat me gingerbread

  1. You don’t have to eat something just because someone gave it to you. A gift is just that—a gift—meaning no strings are attached. You don’t have to eat that pile of cookies! It really is the thought that counts.
  2. Bring a healthy option to potlucks. Yes, it’s easy to bring carb-heavy or sugar-loaded items, but undoubtedly, someone else will be glad you brought a tray of veggies too. It’s really hard to make healthy choices in that kind of situation if there aren’t any to begin with!
  3. Eat enough healthy food (like an apple and some nuts) before a social gathering so you won’t start eating everything in sight out of hunger. If you’re starved before a wedding reception or party, you’re much more likely to make bad decisions.
  4. Resist seasonal impulse buys at the grocery store. Yes, they have some of the most delicious-looking items, like holiday-shaped candies, cookie dough with red and green sprinkles, and gingerbread house kits, but if you buy them, you’ll feel obligated to eat them. If you don’t buy them, then eating them won’t even be an option. Sounds like a no-brainer when you keep your waistline in mind.
  5. Remember that you are capable of saying no to food-pushers. Boundaries are really important any time of year, but they can often be encroached upon when friends and families get together. “You barely ate anything!” “Come on, just try a piece.” “Don’t be shy; eat up!” It seems like someone is always pushing you to eat more, but it’s your life, and it’s your body. You can always say, “No, thank you.”

I hope this holiday season isn’t too hard on your goals! And remember, it’s moderation that’s most important. You don’t have to skip the holiday cookies altogether—just stay mindful. Have a merry and bright December!

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Holly Proctor

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