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Organic Coconut Water Powder (55 servings)

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Organic & non-GMO. Natural electrolyte replacement. 1 canister = 220 fluid ounces

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What is Activz Coconut Water Powder?

It’s organic, non-GMO coconut water in powder form. Plain and simple.

Why drink Activz Coconut Water Powder?

Activz Coconut Water Powder provides the electrolytes that can help replenish your body’s supply of trace minerals after exercise. Activz Coconut Water Powder provides the following electrolytes:


One of the best things about Activz Coconut Water Powder is that it accomplishes the same purpose as sports drinks but does so without the added high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors and other chemical additives.

How many servings are in each container?

This canister has the equivalent of 220 fluid ounces (1.7 gallons) fresh coconut water. That’s about 20 boxed coconut waters (depending on the volume) you don’t have to lug home from the grocery store.

How much coconut water do I get per serving of Activz Coconut Water Powder?

Four fluid ounces (or ½ cup) per serving. We chose this smaller serving size based on the needs of the average exerciser, who doesn’t need quite as much electrolyte maintenance as an endurance athlete.

That said, if you want to drink more than the ½ cup serving size, feel free to use more servings of Activz Coconut Water Powder or add the powder to another drink instead. If you are drinking coconut water for the taste alone, by all means use as many servings as you want.

Can I use Activz Coconut Water Powder for anything besides sports nutrition?

Absolutely. Try these on for size:

  • Add to smoothies for a tropical taste.
  • Add to soups for a tropical or Asian twist.
  • Experiment by adding Activz Coconut Water Powder to your baking projects.
  • Use in our coconut water recipes developed in the Activz test kitchen.
  • Drink when you’re dehydrated or at risk for becoming dehydrated, for example while backpacking for several days.
  • Drink during other times when your electrolytes are low (such as after fever).

Where do you get your coconuts from?

We get our organic coconuts fresh from Thailand when they are young and green. Green means unripe, and unripe usually means nutrient levels haven’t peaked yet. Coconuts actually have impressive nutrient levels during both stages of their lifespan, however. The difference is where they keep the nutrients.

Mature coconuts have nutritious white flesh but a small volume of water and a low nutrition value in that water. Young coconuts, on the other hand, have sparse inner flesh but abundant, electrolyte-rich water up to several cups. That’s why we only use young coconuts to harvest coconut water.

How do you process them?

Within hours of harvesting our coconuts, we cold-press them to collect the fresh, sweet water inside. Cold-pressing is a juicing technique that uses physical force alone to press out the liquid instead of extracting it via chemical treatments or by turning the liquid into a concentrate using extremely high, nutrient-killing temperatures.

After cold-pressing the coconuts, we immediately freeze the liquid, ship the frozen liquid to our processing facilities in the northwest United States, let it thaw and then dehydrate it once it has become liquid again.

But doesn’t dehydration degrade nutrient quality, too?

Not our method. We’ve ditched the high-heat techniques of the past and created a specialty method that evaporates water molecules using natural light. Thanks to our gentle technique, the nutrients in coconut water are locked in at the moment of dehydration and stay that way for years. With Activz Coconut Water Powder, you’re getting the same nutrition levels the coconuts had just hours after being harvested.



55 servings per family size container.

1 serving (2 teaspoons) = 4 fluid ounces fresh coconut water.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    So tasty! I love that the coconut flavor is light and refreshing, not overpowering. I include this powder in all my smoothies now.

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