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Activz Recipe Book: The Simple Scoop


150+ ways to use Activz whole-food powders

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Improve your diet instantly with the all-new Activz recipe book, The Simple Scoop: 150+ Ways to Make Delicious, Nutrition-Packed Meals Using Activz Whole-Food Powders.

Activz fruit and vegetable powders are the easiest way to get more whole foods in your diet. Our powders provide the same nutrition as fresh produce but dramatically reduce the time, effort and stress it usually takes to store, prepare and use fresh produce.

In The Simple Scoop, our founder and CEO, Frank Davis, shares creative ideas that will help you take full advantage of the convenience and nutrition of Activz fruit and vegetable powders:

  • 50 customer-submitted ideas for instantly boosting the nutritional value of meals you already make.
  • 100+ delicious and nourishing recipes developed in the Activz test kitchen.
  • 7 days of food diary excerpts from one whole-food warrior whose kids never noticed the fruit and veggie boosts in their meals.


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