Stealth Health fruits and vegetables into your favorite meals! Try Activz Additions 49: Flavored Ice.

Activz’ complimentary guide, “Activz Additions: 50 Fast Ways to ‘Stealth Health’ Your Meals,” helps families eat more whole foods by mixing Activz powdered fruits and vegetables into the foods they already eat.

Check back each week for highlights from the guide! This week’s is below.

Activz Additions 49: Flavored Ice

Who wants plain old ice when you can add a little bit of flavoring? Simply add some powder to water and mix in thoroughly. Pour into ice cube trays, and freeze. Then enjoy with any beverage you like, whether it’s water, soda, or juice! The powder will bring a little nutrition and a unique flavor to your ice.

Every scoop of Activz you add to your food increases your family’s intake of nutrition. After a few weeks of meal additions, you’ll have easily scooped 80 (or more!) servings of whole food into your family’s everyday diet, hassle-free.

A simple scoop of Activz Whole-Food Nutrition, Simplified, is all it takes.

Watch every week for a new, easy way to add whole-food nutrition into your family’s diet and download the free guide here.


Holly Proctor

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