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Now have faith…  Even Jell-O can have a little value in the healthiest of worlds. The theory goes that we feast with our eyes first, and even at a young age, I was smitten by the enchanting view into the grimy dessert case at the local Kentucky Fried Chicken. I was completely enamored with the prettiest layered Jell-O cups and publicly salivated over a prepackaged dessert for the first time in my very blue-collar seven-year-old life!  My kids get the biggest kick out of my dysfunctional recollection from my Midwestern childhood follies!

Just mention the word “parfait” and your kids think you are a bilingual cooking genius! When they see the simple steps, chilling the first layer and being told, “No, don’t eat that yet”…. And then seeing the next layer and being told,”no, not yet”… the anticipation starts to really create quite the exquisite moment in that tiny first spoonful of happiness.  But then, when they see the dollop of whipped cream on the top, well now, you have just sealed the deal for any kid who might have been on the fence post when it comes to the Jell-O kaleidoscope in the fridge.

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The challenge, though, is how to pack this nutritionally void (but vibrantly fun) food with the stuff that we as moms crave for our children – actual nutritional value! So magic wand in hand, I grab some Activz raspberry powder and frozen mixed berries, and now I can create something that is not associated with surgical recovery! The only difference you are going to notice is that the raspberry powder will make the Jell-O dense in color. My kids assumed that because it was their first day out of school, I was celebrating by serving them dessert in lieu of a ham sandwich, so obviously the little parfait had the same enamoring factor regardless of the generational gap.


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