Listen up! I had a great morning today, and I’ll tell you why. Every morning I get up early to work out. Some days I go for a run, a walk, a bike ride, or I do an at-home workout. Regardless of what activity I choose, I always get pretty warm by the time I’m finished. When I come home, I want to cool off. So what do I do? I make a nice, cold smoothie.

But not any smoothie! No, I make a smoothie with Activz Vanilla Protein Powder and Activz Complete. With these two products combined, I get more substance and nutrition than I knew was possible in a simple personal smoothie. With half a serving of Activz Protein Powder, I get 10 grams of protein, which starts my day off with enough substance so I don’t feel hungry for quite a while, and it aids my muscle recovery after a strength-training workout. Then with Activz Complete I get a day’s worth of nutrients made from 9 servings of fruits and vegetables. It gives me substance and whole lot of nutrients. Plus, it tastes pretty fantastic!

Want to try it yourself? Here’s the recipe I use!


Banana Complete Protein Shake


Blend until smooth and drink up!

My workout plus this smoothie makes me feel absolutely fantastic in the mornings! I’m definitely going to keep this recipe on hand. Do you have any recipes for Complete you’d like to share?


Holly Proctor

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