Earlier this month, I let you know it was National Recommitment Month. Well, guess what! It’s also National Bike Month. So I’m here to tell you six reasons that you might want to tune up that old cycle and get back in the saddle.

1. Save money

If you decide to bike instead of drive to work or to run errands, you’ll not only get some great exercise and do your part to reduce your carbon footprint, you’ll also save gas money! Just make sure to lock up your set of wheels when you’re at work or in the store.

2. Sleep better

Have you noticed that the more you exert yourself in a day, the better you sleep at night? It’s true. Plus, the time you spend outside exposes you to sunlight, helping naturally smooth out your circadian rhythm. Biking will also help keep you at a healthy weight, helping to prevent sleep apnea, which can negatively affect both your and your partner’s sleep.

3. Become more regular

Exercise like cycling helps relieve constipation. With exercise, food moves through the large intestine more quickly, which limits the amount of water absorbed back into your body, which leaves you with softer stools, which are easier to pass.


4. Go easier on your joints

Running can be really hard on joints, especially for those with more than a few years of life experience or those with some extra weight. With every footfall, your entire bodyweight comes crashing down, impacting your hips, back, and ankles, but particularly your knees. With cycling, there is no impact. Your body is supported by the bike’s saddle, but with every push of the pedals, your heart rate is lifted.

5. Get a natural high

Runner’s high isn’t a myth; it’s real. It has been proven that endorphins are higher after exercise and there is evidence of more opiate binding as well. Happy, natural hormones will positively affect every aspect of your life, so never underestimate this reason for cycling.

6. Spend quality time with another

Sometimes it’s hard to find healthy, constructive things to do with your loved ones. However, biking is something almost anyone can do, and it’s a great activity for couples or groups. What bonds people more than adventure? Get out and feel that natural high together while enjoying the outdoors.

There are many more reasons to get back on your bike, but these are just a few. Happy cycling!


Holly Proctor

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