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Frank Davis - Founder of Activz and Food for Health

I am an award-winning amateur athlete — in my late 60s.

It wasn’t always that way. Over 15 years ago my health was suffering intensely. For months, I was so drained I couldn’t even enjoy leisurely walks with my wife.

I searched far and wide for a solution, but I could not find it in modern medicine. Frustrated with the lack of answers, I took things into my own hands and immersed myself in research.

My ultimate findings boiled down to the old Hippocrates statement, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food.” I found that maxim to be backed by substantial research, which connected virtually every known health problem to some form of dietary deficiency.
Encouraged, I started a daily whole foods regimen — and within 30 days I felt dramatically better. This led me to focus my energy and resources on developing a line of whole-food supplements, which you now know as Activz Complete. With AC, I regained my health and continue in optimal health today.

AC has the potential to transform your health, just as it transformed mine. I invite you to put the AC lifestyle to the test. I’m confident the results will be positive and rewarding.


Frank Davis
Activz Complete
Founder and CEO